junior kg


Junior K.G.:         3.5 years to 4.5 Years

Duration:             3.5 hours per day

At this age children are inquisive, seek answers, interact with other children and also with parents.

This age is a transition phase of a kid from preschool to kindergarten where children expand their knowledge.

At Apple Bite preschool, the Junior KG curriculum ensures smooth transition of a child with meaningful and progressive learning experience. The age appropriate activity based curriculum increases knowledge of a child in area of language, numbers, general knowledge, music, art and drawing.

Key areas in Junior KG Curriculum

  • Language – Writing of the alphabet, Introduction to grammar, story telling
  • Math / Cognitive – Number concepts, Estimation, differentiation and classification of objects
  • Fine motor / art – Good pincer grip, write independently, free hand drawing
  • Social skills : learning socially acceptable behaviour
  • Life skills : Understanding transitions and routines
  • Music : Creating awareness of music as a part of daily life

Activities Involved

  • Story time
  • Role plays
  • Activity time (on concepts and themes)
  • Rhyme time
  • Art and craft
  • Audio Visual learning
  • Special days (concept and theme related)
  • Festival celebrations
  • Field trips